Christmas Is a Time For Christmas Joy

It’s Time for Christmas Joy

On many different occasions in my life I have had to rediscover the joy of Christmas. All my grandparents were simply wonderful people, and because my parents were married as teenagers, I had the opportunity to really know my grandparents. My Grandma Andrews was always aware of the call I felt for ministry. She gave me my very first Bible and showed me where to start reading. It was the book of John and I was in the first grade. I remember on more than one occasion waking up in the middle of the night and outside the door of my bedroom was my Grandma. She was on her knees praying God’s best for my life. She knew joy whether she was working in her garden or sharing her testimony in church.

Tragedies affect Christmas Joy

One of my most difficult Christmases was when I was in my first year of college. It was just before Christmas and my grandparents had driven up to our home. We were in at the end of a church service when my Grandma Andrews had a stroke. Within a week she had passed. After that circumstance, it was tough to celebrate Christmas.

This story of mine is in no way unique. Each of us has had tragic events that have occurred around Christmas or some of us have simply had a really rough year. Let me share a few words of comfort. Our joy is founded not on our circumstances in this world but upon our hope for an eternal future.

Christmas Joy is bigger than our singular lives

Simply stated we celebrate Advent, the coming. As Christians who celebrate the season of Advent, we celebrate the past, the present and the future. We celebrate that Jesus came, that He is present in this world, and that He will return. He promised that we could find life and life more abundantly in Him.

For those of us who have suffered tragedy this past year, I’m not suggesting that you ignore your pain and party. There is a grieving process that we need to experience. Work through the pain and come to grips with what has happened. Doing so will allow you to move on to be able to experience the joy of Christmas and the joy I’m speaking of isn’t only available during the Christmas season. It is in fact a byproduct of the life we have in Christ.

Christmas Joy in the movies?

Below is a scene from one of our most treasured Christmas specials that depicts the joy of Christmas. Before our modern day cable television back in a time when our televisions only received 13 channels, this show played once a year, year after year, and my family would gather to watch it. It was one of our Christmas traditions to watch certain specials each year when they were aired.