Christmas is a Time for Christmas Giving

Experience Christmas Giving.

One of the greatest blessings of the Christmas season are memories from Christmas past; the fun times, the hard times, and especially our most touching moments. One of the best Christmas memories came when I was 17 years old. I was in high school and had just started driving. My family had done our Christmas shopping and as was the norm for us, our tree had a few gifts under it but that was because it was still 5 days before Christmas and each of us had not yet spent our time wrapping. Our understood custom was that the three days before Christmas we wrapped in private and presents began to appear for each of the family members as Christmas drew closer and our Christmas Giving would happen.

I had stopped by my pastor’s home to deliver the gift we had for them. As I came to the door, I heard some crying behind the door. I didn’t want to snoop so I knocked and said a loud “Merry Christmas”. My pastor came to the door. He didn’t invite me in, but while he was cordial to me, it was obvious that something was wrong. I’m not sure how I knew but I just knew that Christmas for them this year was hard. It was just my take on the atmosphere.

When I got home I shared with my mom what had occurred. She shared that she was aware that things had been a struggle at the church financially. Later that evening as we were sitting down for dinner, my brother mentioned that maybe we should do something for them. My dad shared that we only had what we were going to give to ourselves. My mom went in and pulled out forty dollars.

After some discussion, each of us brought out the presents we had purchased for each other and we went through them. A really nice school coat had been purchased for me…we decided that it would be a great gift for the pastor’s son. A piece of jewelry purchased for my mother would be given to the pastor’s wife. We took most of the gifts we had purchased for each other and gave them to our pastor and his family. My brother and I were sent to the store with the forty dollars purchased items for Christmas dinner.

Later that day, my brother and I delivered Christmas to our pastor and his family. I had never felt the joy of giving like I did that day. We knocked and began to carry the stuff inside their living room. His wife began to cry but somehow the tears were different this time; her tears were tears of gratitude.

They had no idea that we were giving them our Christmas and they didn’t need to know. Our tree was not quite empty on Christmas morning but had much less than normal, but we had experienced the best of what Christmas is supposed to be.

Christmas Giving. Below is a very precious scene that touched my heart when I first watched the movie “Radio”.

Radio- Christmas is a Time for Giving. from Austin Andrews on Vimeo.

Christmas is a time for giving. Who could you touch with your gift this Christmas? Remember, as a Christian, I believe that the reason for Christmas is stated in the simple scripture phrase found in John 3, “For God so loved the world that he gave….”

What is your Christmas Giving?