3 weight loss thoughts we Learn from Noah

This is not a movie review, nor is it an editorial that condemns or applauds the fact that the story of Noah has been put on the cinematic screen. This is just a simple blog that focuses on lessons that we can learn from the pages of the Bible, specifically from the story of Noah’s Ark.

Full Story:  Book of Genesis, chapters 6-8, and they can be read in their entirety HERE 

Weight Loss and Noah

1. Be Consistently Obedient

Noah was a righteous man, blameless in his generation. Noah walked with God. (Genesis 6:9)

When the Lord looked down on rebellious, wicked ,and evil-intentioned men he noticed one among them that was worth saving: Noah. Noah was a man who lived life above the standard, above the norm. Noah walked with God. He lived set apart. And so God gave him a task that was going to be long and grueling, but this task would be the rescue to a future for mankind.

The Lord commanded him to build the ark, collect the animals, and to gather provisions

for himself, his family, and the animals. The scriptures say, “thus did Noah, according to all that God commanded him, so did he.” (Genesis 6:22)

Before Noah had been given any task he walked with God. Once he was given a great task, he did according to all that God commanded. Noah was consistent. He came through for God and for humanity, when everything was on the line. I believe that God has called us as Christians to live CONSISTENTLY when it comes to our health. I am not talking about us all walking around as body builders, but each of us taking it on ourselves to be the healthiest we can be. Choosing to eat for our bodies’ needs rather than our tastes. God is calling us to be consistently obedient to health.

2. Be Exactly obedient

God did not spare the details to Noah. Noah did “according to all;” not some, not most, not part of the way – he did ALL. When God gave Noah the details for the ark, it was specific. When Noah was given the instructions about the animals, it was detailed. Noah was exact in his execution of the Lord’s words.

When God calls us to an action he expects obedient behavior. Obedience, not just to the big idea, but to the details he sets forth. God calls us to take roads, and some of those roads seem to be longer than other options. We have to stay resolute, and stick to the road God pointed us to, because our shortcut might just be our downfall.

In my own Struggle

I am going to be open here. I am not a tiny man. I have gained back a significant amount of my weight since The Biggest Loser. At my current weight I qualify for a gastric sleeve or a lap band surgery, weight loss options that have worked for some people. But I have to look at my journey and discern God’s voice for me. Unless God says to go down those paths, I believe my job is to be obedient. So I struggle, and I am on a long road to a healthy weight, but I refuse the short cuts because God hasn’t said I can use them.

This isn’t an anti-weight loss surgery sentiment. I just want you to have open eyes. Sometimes God has called us to long, lonely, frustrating, and upsetting roads. That’s the nature of being set apart. And there are moments when we are going to feel lonely and isolated. I think Noah might have felt like that.

Living Shut In

In Genesis 7:16, the verse ends with “And the Lord shut him in.” That isn’t a warm and fuzzy statement. That is a, “Wow, it’s dark in here” statement. That is a, “the elephant just pooped in here” kind of statement. Sometimes, being “set apart” just plain sucks. But we are called to be obedient: not because it is fun, exciting, or glamorous. Just because it is our calling, and because God has a bigger plan that we may not be able to see from our vantage point.

I am willing to live set apart. I struggle with consistency in my obedience, BUT I am unwilling to give up trying because I know that God has a bigger plan. I do not know the whole plan, but I am unwilling to give up.

3. Be Perseveringly Obedient

Can you imagine what it would have been like to be Noah in his era? Everyone except his direct family was full of sin. And over and over in chapter 6, the amount of violence is mentioned. Noah lived in a violent, debauchery-filled era, yet he lived set apart. Noah, despite the influences of his neighbors, relatives, friends, and surroundings, chose to be obedient – perseveringly obedient.

Even though everyone else in church is eating the Krispy Kreme donut, even though the Starbucks barista remembers you used to like the (insert name of delicious treat here), you have been called to obedience. Your job is to persevere on this road of obedience.  Be strong, and God will find favor in you just as God found favor in Noah in Genesis 6:8.


What is one way you can demonstrate a higher quality of obedience to God in your healthy journey?

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