YOU ASKED ME- Excess Skin

YOU ASKED ME about my skin?

Rebekah Pontow:

Did you/do you have lose skin after your weight lose? If so, how do you cope with it, get rid of it? If not, how did you manage not to get any?

Good Question Rebekah!
Most people who have lost massive amounts of weight will understand this question very well, because excess skin is something most of us have to deal with.

So, I will tell you that, Yes I do have loose skin, all over my body, and it is a frustration for me and many other biggest loser contestants. For me to work out properly I wear compression shirts and shorts, which helps me to moved unchallenged by my skin.  Otherwise, skin that is extremely loose will make weird sounds, and chafe and it can be a painful, uncomfortable thing to deal with.
Emotionally I have a hard time dealing with it. I am very self conscious of my skin and the stretch marks and how all of that behaves. I hate the noises it Can make and I am extremely uncomfortable with it.
Skin Options

With that in mind there are a few options:
-I can have surgery

-I can maintain a low weight and allow the elasticity of my skin to naturally reduce the excess

-I can lift weights- Bigger muscles fill in some of the gaps in the skin that is left by weight loss

-I can be so upset that I begin to eat out of control and then I don’t have a skin problem, I have a weight problem again!

I know many Biggest Loser contestants that have chosen to have surgery for it. I probably will at some point, but I do want to make sure I allow as much skin to come back in as possible. I am also lifting weights like mad, so I am building muscle, and I am focused on seeing the skin go away naturally.

My Yo-Yo Dieting
I did gain a significant amount of my weight from the show back on, and so I am in the process of losing that weight again. This is a prime example of EXTREME YO-YO Dieting, but truthfully because I gained so much weight back again, I probably damaged my skin WAY more, than if I had just gained the weight once, and then lost it. When we YO-YO the skin is constantly trying to keep up to our new size and shape, so it is using the little bit of elasticity it has to just keep up. I might have given my body the reason it needed to not retract all of the skin that is excess.

Brain and Body Makeover 90 Day Challenge
I also want to say, this is a part of why I am doing Dr. Amen’s 90 Day challenge. He has seen tremendous results in his clients when it comes to skin improvement with his program. Everything from worry lines to excess, His plan has seen results, so I decided to make my chances as good as possible! I’m following the Doctors intructions! If your interested in the brain and body makeover either checkout my blog abou it here, or go to the Brain and Body Makeover Website!