In Iron Man 2, we initially see a show of power, control, and pride from Tony Stark that is slightly deceiving. We see him as confident, and as triumphant, but not moments later do we see Tony checking his blood for a toxicity level.

What is revealed as the movie continues is that the very power source that is allowing Tony Stark to live with the shrapnel in his body is also poisoning him. As the movie continues we see this poisoning is increasing rapidly; Tony is running out of time.

Nick Fury offering Tony Stark help with the cure.

Eventually, Tony is approached by Nick Fury (leader of S.H.E.I.L.D. Founder of The Avengers Initiative) and offered the wisdom, obligated for the answer, and basically told to discover a new periodic element that would solve the issues for his Body’s illness and completely redefine the power source used by Iron Man and Tony Stark’s internal “battery.”

Tony Stark had decided he knew all the answers- He never asked for help, he never assumed more knowledge was possible- Tony felt that he was alone in this, and that he would either live, or die, alone.

Lesson 1:
Each of Us need a Nick Fury-
We need someone to push us, to discover what is still possible. When we quit trying to discover what are the possibilities, we quit moving forward- We reach a stalemate in our lives that is Unacceptable and will not allow us to make progress. We need the push to keep going. Who will give you the push?

Lesson 2:
Don’t grow content when your on the journey. All of us reach a place in our journeys where we are happy we made it this far, and NO there is NOTHING WRONGwith happiness of how we have progressed. BUT, that happiness is something to watch for, because it can lead us to contentment. When we grow content for where we are today, we can lose the drive for where we are meant to go tomorrow.

Don’t let yourself grow complacent with where you are today! I’ll say it this way; Don’t lose the hunger for your OWN games.
(lol… Hunger games ref!)

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