Today’s Marvel Motivation

The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk, in my opinion, is an attempt to discover the power and innate qualities of a pure emotion. Bruce Banner, in an experiment gone wrong, creates a manifestation of one particular emotion, Anger. Whenever Bruce is overcome by his anger, he has no ability to control his reaction in Anger- he becomes the Hulk.

When I look at the Hulk, I feel there are a few lessons to be learned through his life-

It is okay to be angry
I’ve been told this and maybe you have as well, that you “shouldn’t” be angry or “just let things go” or “you have to stay calm”.  I personally think it’s okay to be angry.  Anger is not necessarily a bad or negative emotion.  We have a right and a responsibility to ourselves to be angry, to feel our emotions. I really feel that when we begin to “stuff” our emotions into ourselves that’s when we get the worst reactions in ourselves. That’s when we become chaotic, and begin to have impaired abilities to make decision regarding ourselves.

Ignoring or suppressing anger is detrimental to ourselves and to those around us.  I tend to suppress my anger so as not to offend or hurt someone else or to keep the supposed peace, and out of that I lose control of my eating and my world. The same happens with Bruce Banner when he tries to suppress his anger.  He can’t do it, and he becomes the Hulk, sometimes at the most inappropriate times, and the Hulk can definitely make a mess of things.

Anger can be used for good
Some people view The Hulk as an agent of destruction and seek to either control or destroy him.  There are others, however, who see The Hulk as a hero.  How we choose to demonstrate our anger usually dictates how we are perceived.

We can lash out and be aggressive – physically or verbally.  We can be destructive, we can seek vengeance to hurt those that have hurt us.  We can choose to not forgive and be bitter, etc.

We can also decide to express our anger in a healthy, assertive, constructive way.  We can choose to identify what is causing this anger internally inside of us and express our needs without attacking the other person.  The choice is ours. This is Bruce Banner’s biggest internal fight; his inner struggle.

Anger indicates something deeper is happening
We can respond to someone who is angry by going deeper and listening to what is really bothering them- What are they communicating deep down?- and respond to that and not to the anger.  Anger screams out that something said or done has touched something deep inside of us.

The Hulk doesn’t come to life just because of gamma irradiation, but he is born out of a deeper pain caused by his past relationship with his father.  For you and I, there are wounds we have that when touched, we become angry.  We can address those sensitive places internally before our anger does it for us by lashing out at whatever or whoever touched those wounds.

I do not like the term “controlling” anger because it implies that anger is something negative that needs to be controlled.  No one says “I have to control my happiness”.  Or take classes on how to manage their love.  People don’t say someone has “hope issues.”  The anger isn’t the issue, what the anger is protecting is what needs to be addressed.  If only the anger is addressed and not the deeper wound, that wound will not have an opportunity to heal.

The angrier you get, the stronger you become
The Hulk biggest power is just that, the angrier he gets, the stronger he becomes.  During Secret War issue #4 (Aug. 1984), the villains destroyed the heroes’ base and the Molecule Man dropped an entire mountain range on the heroes.  The Hulk saved all the heroes by holding up an entire mountain range all by himself to keep everyone from getting crushed. The Hulk takes on insurmountable odds to protect himself-

The Marvel Motivation today is, Are you getting angry about where you are in life? Do you get upset at what surrounds you, and what SHOULD be surrounding you? Get Angry- Now, FIX IT-

How can you use your anger to help fix your life?
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