Food is…

Bill Cosby released a book in 2003 entitled, “I am what I ate, and I’m afraid.
I haven’t read the book, but the title enlists such an explicit response.
I know that for me, in my life, I was so consumed with healing the pain I was feeling with food, that I didn’t even think about the statement above. I never considered what my eating was doing to me, how it affected my everyday moments.
People around me were affected by how I felt, and acted.
I acted out of pain when I was addicted to food, and I would treat the people around me with contempt at times for no reason because they came between my self and my addiction.
When I was feeding a broken me, I fed myself with broken foods and I remained broken. Today, while I am not perfect, I refuse to continue a cycle of feeding broken food to me, because I recognize it doesn’t fix the problems, its adds symptoms to those problems.
Don’t look to food to be your fix- Look for it to be your fuel. Simple, clean, energy charged. Food is Fuel-

Are you running on empty?

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