EXCUSES: The Lion and Me

How many times do you think abut the change you are focusing on, and realize that you have to do it alone.


Its a scary thought, loneliness- I remember watching Discovery Channel as a kid, and seeing some documentary on lions.

See, the lions live in a small family unit, called a pride. They hunt together, live together, eat together, defend territory together- the African Lion is a community animal.

When they hunt though, they have a very particular strategy, they separate the herd. They cut off one or two gazelle from their herd, and then attack on that Lone gazelle taking advantage of its weakness in numbers.

The Gazelle is weak alone- We are the gazelle.

When we allow ourselves to be separated from the herd we are committing ourselves to a life of chaos, loneliness,  depression, anxiety, and fear. and whats more- THERE AREN’T BIG LIONS CHASING US!

We don’t have physical lions, chasing us to separate us from our herds, we HAVE THOUGHTS

Our thoughts are our lions!

Our thoughts can be the very things that drive wedges between us and our desires. The depression seeks to remove us from play, to separate us from our herd-

The way to BEAT our Thoughts, to BEAT Loneliness is to GET A GROUP.

Find Community

Find a support structure of people that you can start to build off of. Maybe these are people in a spin class, or a step ups class, or an AA meeting, or a church, or high school friends-

This is a group of people who will help support you as you continue to grow, develop, overcome, and accomplish your focus’ in life.

Can you tell who my community 
was when I changed my life?

Who will you community be?
I also want to challenge you- we are a part of the biggest network that has ever been created- the World Wide Web… Let ME be a part of your community! Post your before pictures, share your greatest struggles, tell me what’s hard- and when your getting past those hard things, those difficulties- TELL ME HOW YOU DID IT! Cause believe me, I can always learn new ways to motivate myself and others! Let’s creat OUR community!

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