Daily Writing

I spent the morning at a women’s conference in Covina, CA and all I can say is wow…

My dad spoke as a guest keynote speaker, he knocked it out of the park. The music was exhilarating, the people excited, and the tears flowing.

I travel and speak, and I love to do so. I love meeting people, I love sharing my story, but honestly what I love most is meeting people-

Everyone has a story-
I love meeting people for the first time and them saying, “I have lost X amount of weight, and I am so proud!” I mean seriously, Who couldn’t get their heart warmed by people sharing there success. I get so emotional with it all because I was the person who didn’t believe in me, and when others start believing in themselves and they change- its amazing!

The others
Then there are the others, the ones who haven’t changed yet- the ones who still struggle with beginning the process and aren’t “proud” of what they have done- because they feel that they haven’t done anything yet.

I travel for the others.
I live for the others.
My life’s goal is to diminish the number of “others.”

I met a few people today who had very little hope to change-

I want to challenge you, Change is possible, the question is only “who” will change. Will you be the changed person or will you let the opportunity pass you by-

I write in this blog for you. The person who believe you are undeserving of my time, my effort, my travel- I am in the midst of dedicating years of my life to helping you- Will you let me speak to your heart?

I hope you take the time to Check into Life Daily, with me Austin Andrews.