Brain Envy

The circles are where I need improvement

I met with Dr. Amen, and he had me go through his SPECT imaging to see my brain. I was expecting to see one of two things, either a Brian that would look like Swiss cheese with holes in it and lots of issues, or a brain that was spotless…

I was neither of these brains, I had a few places that the doctor circled and said “let’s work on these” and then we looked at some of my decision making.

In seeing the pictures of my brain, I was ECSTATIC! This really gives me a drive to push, because seriously, I have brain envy.

I know what a great brain looks like, and I know that my brain can look that way. I want to make my brain look the best that it EVER will, and to do that I have to choose to have the best brain ever.

Brain envy is taking me over. Join me in a journey for the best brain, the best body, and the best life you can have-

I have decided that Starting next week, I will be Weighing in weekly by camera. One of the biggest issues I feel that many have are that they don’t want to face the facts. I want to lead by example- so help keep me accountable.

My goal, Is that by the end of summer, I say good bye to the 250’s. Right now I weigh 284.8. I’ll see you guys in a week- so lets weigh in!