Brain and Body!

I am SO EXCITED- I have the opportunity to tell you about an opportunity to support us all!

I am working with a Psychiatrist who specializes in brain Optimization! Dr. Amen has focused on helping his patients optimize the greatest “Life Changing” muscle in our bodies, our Brain!

Dr. Amen and I!

If our brains are being fed right, then we will be able to make the decisions that count! We can help focus our minds on helping our bodies- The way to think about this in my mind is, lets get our minds healthy, so that our BODY can get healthy too!

Literally I am SOO excited to be working with Dr. Amen and I know that this is exactly the kind of support I have needed.

Just to catch everyone up on my story, I have been someone fighting my weight all of my life. I went through stuff as a kid that help feed into my weight problems and it escalated out of control.

In the summer of 2009 is when I was my largest. I was going to school at a junior college, studying radio, but I was the most unhappy I had ever been. I got up to 435 lbs and I started to retreat more and more into myself and my life. I started only hanging out with people at night, and it was always surrounding food. My life had begun to be dark.

Through some frightening and painful circumstances I came to the eventual understanding that I needed to change.

Change my life, my thinking, my body, my brain-

I ended up on Season 11 of The Biggest Loser- It was the greatest opportunity of my life. When I started on the show I weighed in at 396 lbs, and I needed help.
The Biggest Loser taught me what fitness could look like when it was a full time job, but I never really took to heart the parts of our training that focused on balancing life and work, and family, and dating, and school- and ALL the other stuff.

Balance is a BRAIN activity!

See, After the Biggest Loser, I didn’t balance my life. I went to another extreme- I went back to depression and sadness, and my weight shot up.

December of 2011. 335 lbs

When I ended the show I weighed in at 222. I had lost 174 lbs on the show and it was a great accomplishment, but within 6 months I had gained back 113 lbs. In December I weighed in at 335 lbs and through a few conversations I was challenged to refocus on my health again.

I now weigh 286 lbs, and I am on my way back to health- and for me the biggest change is my decision making!

I know that one of my biggest pitfalls is not being accountable, so I found a trainer to be accountable too. I MADE A DECISION.

Part of what I LOVE about the 90 Day Brain and Body Challenge- It allows us a COMMUNITY that we can belong too! This challenge is all about meeting us where we are, and helping us understand the important steps we need to be taking towards our life change!

Whats more! ANYONE can benefit from this! Each of us could use better eating habits and brain health habits. SO- Choose to benefit from this! Make your BRAIN better, see your BODY improve- Better Your Health!