Brain and Body Week 5

This was week five for Dr. Amen’s Brain and Body Makeover, and I feel great. 

I really feel that my decision making, and my thought process is becoming more clear. I would almost equate it to coming out of a fog. 
When I was in a fog, I would never admit to the uncertainty, and I always would trudge forward, but with caution. Now, the vale has been lifted and its like I can really see what is happening and make better, more educated decisions about what I do, and how I do it. 
Now I will tell you, I had every intension of weighing in, and I still have that intention, BUT I am on a trip to Texas until the 17th, and I DONT HAVE A SCALE! 
Talk about not thinking things through! UGH! SO my weight when I left california was at 281.8. That is down about three pounds which I’ll take as good! But now, I will have to wait to weigh myself again until I am home… 
Well- Thank you all! I’ll have more for you as the week goes on!