Brain and Body- Week 1!

Brain and Body Makeover UPDATE!
Weekly Updating you on how my journey is progressing!

Well, I have been on this journey for a week! I am excited to say I feel very empowered, I feel that this new idea of focusing on my brain is having an incredible affect on me!

Like I said in the Video, I have focused on two things primarily- What time I am going to sleep, and what will I do when I wake up.

I want to be sleeping at the latest, at 10pm, because I need to be up by 5 to be able to workout before I go to work. I know that sleep is a HUGE deal with brain health, and I want to be making my brain prettier(the look of the scans) and more effective than ever than it ever has been! As for my decision to focus on an early morning workout, I know that I am less motivated to work out around 5 pm in the afternoon. I get a little tired, and I don’t feel like it- So why put myself in the position of feeling like i have to- I shouldn’t and I won’t. I’ll make a better decision earlier, and remove the internal struggle of working out later!

Oh and by the way- My weight Loss for week 1 was 3.6 lbs- Solid and I’ll take it! 

What are some of the decisions you’re making to benefit your health? Is it Brain centered? Body Centered? Is it working? 

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