Why I was hospitalized

Austin’s Diagnoses and the Support he Needs…

As the Doctor left the room I just had a sinking feeling in my gut… I was in Urgent Care for what I thought was a cold. I hadn’t been very worried; all I had was a little cold. I had a cough, some dizziness, some “exhaustion,” I was peeing […]

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Actions Speak Loudly

Walking into church, for the second time after forgetting my water like I do every week, I found myself walking in with a family I really love. I have to admit I admire them from the background and love the growth in the family over the years as they walk […]


60 Days till the New Year- How will you spend those days?

I want to BUST INTO 2016 knowing that I am ALREADY ahead of my 2016 goals… Are you with me? Posted by Austin Andrews on Monday, November 2, 2015 Let’s make a change… 60 Days till January 1st. 60 days… 2 of those days are probably accounted for in Thanksgiving and […]


Food Addiction: Tips to Overcome the Addiction

Guidelines to Fight Food Addiction I’m going to briefly mention a few guidelines and tips to help fight food addiction. If you find yourself deeply addicted to food, you will find below a list of resources and 12 Step Programs to help people choose freedom. Here are five strategies that […]


Food Addiction: Do you have it?

The Food Addiction Battlefield I should first start off by stating that I write this article with a lifetime’s worth of experience. I can honestly share that I understand the battle with food addiction in that I have lived it most of my life. I am compelled to share with […]

bob harper

Weeks After Ali Sweeney Leaves Biggest Loser, Replacement is Announced.

Just weeks after Ali Sweeney, longtime host of NBC’s The Biggest Loser, was announced to be leaving the show a replacement has been named. Bob Harper, longtime trainer on The Biggest Loser and one of the most beloved TV Trainers in the 21st Century, has been elevated to the title […]

Pre race

Weeping at the Disneyland Half Marathon with Run Disney

Today as I ran through Disneyland…I wept. It had been 6 years, since I had last visited Disneyland. The last time I was at Disneyland I weighed more than 435 lbs. We had to constantly stop and rest because I was so large I couldn’t stay on my feet for […]


Biggest Loser Loses Ali Sweeney

Biggest Loser loses its heart. 😢.@NBC‘s @biggestlosernbc will NOT include Host, @Ali_Sweeney. Ali, you will be more than missed… — Biggest Loser Austin (@RetroFitAustin) August 25, 2015 Access Hollywood broke the story that Biggest Loser is parting ways with Alison Sweeney after 8 years and 13 seasons. Arguably the […]