What I learned from a 5th Grader

How could this be learned from a 5th grader?

When I visited Holladay Elementary school this week, I had no idea a student would impact me this way. I couldn’t imagine that I would be taught a lesson by a fifth grade boy who sat in my audience. This is the story of what I learned from a 5th grader.

I don’t want to go into the exact situation, cause of how personal this was for me and the boy, but I want to thank him.

I got a chance to talk with him with the school counselor after the school presentation, and I was blown away. I shared my story with this 5th grader, I talked about being made fun of, getting in fights, almost being expelled from school. I talked about the hurt I went through, the pain pain I had known as a young boy.

It was hard for me to gauge if he was hearing me. I just wasn’t sure, and this was a situation I had never had with just one student before.

We ended the conversation, the boy shook my hand and thanked me, then was guided out by the school counselor. I packed up my bag, met Susan(who was traveling with The Guacmobile and I) just outside the room and we walked out of the school.

The minivan was waiting to escort me to Raleigh, NC, our next stop on the tour. As soon as I was in, all of my travel buddies asked me how it went.

How had it gone? I didn’t know, except that I told him what I know was true for me, and that I told him what was in my heart.

The car was started, Tara, who was currently driving, began to pull us away from the front of the school when the school counselor stopped our car by waving at us and running toward us. There were tears in her eyes.

She explained that the boy had connected with me. That he understood how closely related our stories were. He told her, “Maybe I can change too.”

I sit here with tears in both eyes, realizing those words are why I travel sharing myself with schools. That boy was me. Except, nobody came and shared with me, and I believed that I was worthless. Maybe, just maybe, that boy will grow up knowing he can change too.

I learned that I have to share the passion in my heart, and Maybe, just maybe, that boy will grow up knowing he can change too. I’ll share everytime.





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