One year Ago- GuacMobile style

GuacMobile On the GO

The GuacMobile was poised and ready to serve its constituency. Baltimore was about to be hit, avocado style, at there Farmers Market; they wouldn’t know what hit them.

The day was an amazing one, we gave away free samples and showed people a tasty side to life. We met all sorts of people, and we had some awesome questions asked, including “does guacamole have meat in it?” I think the Guac Squad has gotten all of the questions over the years and it doesnt even phase them, they just politely describe the ingredients and help people understand how delicious the green goo can!

I love the big events like these cause i get to meet people. I love people, i love to talk, i love to share so big events like this Farmers market are perfect! i get to share with people about what I’m doing, about where i have been, what I get to speak on and help audiences learn.

Today a lady came up to me, and we talked a little bit about the show and I told her about my experience and how hard the work is to lose the weight and how everyday is a struggle. We talked about the first steps, 1. keeping a food log, 2. starting to move, 3. to be consistent with both even when we are down. She hugged me as she walked away and I was encouraged to see her smiling and i felt it was a good moment.

Later i was walking around the Farmers Market, just seeing all of the different station there were and al of the kinds of fresh produce that were offered, and the very same lady found me. She walked up to me, gave me a hug, and when she released from the hug, she had tears in both eyes. She had made the decision many times to have a “Day 1” but she never followed through. Her living situation is complicated and its hard to shift a household towards health when its resistant. She started to tell me about her journey and i got to reflecting.

The date of the Farmers Market stop of our Check Your Choice tour was September 18th, 2011. My first day away from home for the Biggest Loser Season 11 Couples was September 16th, 2010. One year, and two days ago, i weighed in the 390’s. How different is my life. How different can one year make our lives.

As i shared this thought with the lady in the Bazaar, I wanted to share it with everyone. How big a difference can one single year make? If today really is your day 1, and you start the change in your life that you need, where can you be in 1 year?

It can be cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, beating your loved ones, cutting yourself, starving yourself, screaming horrible things at the ones you love- the list could go on for days, but what matters is: These are behaviors, just like eating, and have the power to change how we behave. We can change our lives.

1st- Make the choice that you want to change.

2nd- Make a plan as to how that change needs to happen (ask professionals if you don’t know what that path should look like.)

3rd- Know that when you slip up during your change, because you’re human and you will slip, its ok.

Just get back on the plan you created to your better self, and know that in a year, your life could be completely different. Remember to Check your Choice. Think to yourself, is this choice beneficial to me, my family, my future?

Now, what is the choice you are making for you?  WRITE IT BELOW!


Location:Baltimore, MD