Biggest Loser Loses Ali Sweeney

Biggest Loser loses its heart.

Access Hollywood broke the story that Biggest Loser is parting ways with Alison Sweeney after 8 years and 13 seasons.

Arguably the only stability that Biggest Loser has had over the last 8 years walks away with Alison and it leaves a serious sense of uncertainty. With Jillian Michaels walking away from the show and Bob’s roll having tremendously been reduced last season, there is a sense of unease with the show.

Regardless of that, Ali Sweeney was the heart behind The Biggest Loser for 8 years. She cared, and her care came through. She had moments where you could see the pain and sadness in her eyes for contestants that were going home or the joy when she could celebrate a new milestone with a contestant.

On my own season, I have memories of Ali stepping in to defend the contestants. We had a challenge that went drastically wrong and the week after, Ali paid for us all to have massages but more than that, I even remember Ali stepping in and arguing on my dad’s behalf with producers.

Alison brought joy, sincerity, honesty, frankness and care to the Biggest Loser and regardless of who the show chooses in her stead, they will never replace what Alison Sweeney has meant to us as viewers or contestants.

Ali continues her career in multiple new projects, not only as an actress but also executive producer, with the Hallmark Channel and her third book is expected to be released this coming spring.

Ali, we will miss you, but we celebrate your career as you continue to show us how talented, intelligent and creative you truly are. Thank you for the last 8 years, and thank you for being a friend. God bless you!


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