Austin’s Diagnoses and the Support he Needs…

As the Doctor left the room I just had a sinking feeling in my gut… I was in Urgent Care for what I thought was a cold. I hadn’t been very worried; all I had was a little cold. I had a cough, some dizziness, some “exhaustion,” I was peeing a lot, had cramps in my legs and I was always thirsty but that was just a medication side effect from a water pill, nothing too killer… Well, I thought.

The Doctor asked a nurse to come in to give me a test. I thought the test was ridiculous, I mean, I just have a cold. I expected the doctor to walk in, tell me it was viral and send me on my way. The nurse takes my finger into her hand and pricks it as she tests my Blood Sugars.

There is no way I am a diabetic. No way. I know the signs. I would have seen it.

The Blood Glucose Monitor spits out a number and the nurse’s eyes widen.

585. My Blood Sugar was 585…

I was in disbelief. I leaned against the counter in the doctor’s office and the Doctor walks back in. He tells me I am a diabetic and that I am dehydrated. They need me to come into the back of the office and they need to put fluids in me. It will be a few hours before I can go.

90 Minutes later the Doctor walked into the room I was in and announced that I needed to go to the hospital. I said that my dad would come to take me and the doctor said to me, “I want you to go by ambulance and very soon.” They called 911 and Paramedics and Firemen came to take me.

IV bags

I lost count of all of the iv fluids and medications I was given while in ICU.

I had never been in the Hospital, let alone an ambulance. The Paramedic looked at me, looked at my diagnoses of Diabetic Ketoacidoses and looked back at me. He said to me, “You don’t look like you have this…”

In the ER the Doctor came over to me and said the same thing. I think the best way it was put was by my ER Nurse, Eddie. He said to me, “On paper, you look awful. By your blood labs I’m surprised you are conscious.”

What is Diabetic Ketoacidoses and how did I get it?

The ultimate diagnosis was Diabetic Ketoacidoses, a complication of Diabetes. It is a little less common in Type 2 Diabetics, but still a very real possibility. Most of the time DKA comes on because of an infection, and it can be the way that people find out they are a diabetic (like myself.)

If you remember, I had a staph infection about 7-8 weeks ago. Everything points to that infection helping to kick off this whole hospital situation for me. When your body gets an infection it releases additional stress hormones because of the additional stresses of fighting. Those hormones, like cortisol, negatively affect your insulin production and actually kick-start your liver into producing extra blood sugar so that your body has plenty of energy to fight off the infection. The problem is that in Type 2 Diabetics, the additional sugars and reduced insulin can get of control.

If you have high blood sugars and your insulin is too low then sugar can’t get into the cells (like muscles where it would be used for energy) and your body starts to release sugars through the kidneys in urine. Then if this continues for too long, your muscles stop getting the energy they need, so they begin to cannibalize themselves, breaking down into fatty acids. This begins to release ketones (fatty acids) into the blood, which throws off the blood chemistry even more.

With my staph infection, my insulin levels being super low, my dehydration due to too much peeing because of my high blood sugar levels, and all of that throwing my potassium levels and blood chemistry off: It was perfect storm for me to almost die of Diabetic Ketoacidoses.

What happens next for me?

After a week in the hospital I am feeling pretty great!

After a week in the hospital I am feeling pretty great!

Now, I am back home and because of how long I have suffered with Diabetes (possibly a year and a half) and DKA (possibly weeks) and how stressed and overworked my Pancreas has been, I am taking Insulin to help supplement my body.

My health journey took a turn I never thought possible and I will be spending the foreseeable future focusing on my blood sugar levels, my weight, and most of all: conquering Diabetes and my insulin dependence.

A Major Community that has Supported me…

Now, one of the biggest things I have been thankful for in this journey is that I have an amazing community of people I belong to. People from churches we have visited to close friends and family and fans from Biggest Loser have all poured out love and support for me and I can’t describe how much that makes the difference.

A small group of folks my Dad and I are very close with are the people who have joined our Fit.Church Beta Program. My Dad and I have been supporting these folks for about 8 weeks in our new subscription program ($20 a month) but the past 2 weeks, this community has been showing me tons of love.

I was afraid that, as a leader in health, being diagnosed as a Diabetic would affect how others see me. I thought that the men and women in Fit.Church would see me as a failure and leave. I was embarrassed, a little ashamed but the truth of the matter is I messed up and God saw fit to give me another chance to change my health. God has had grace for me, and so has the Fit.Church Community.

I am not perfect, I never have been, but in God’s grace we each can be moving forward on our health journeys. I am glad I have had such a supportive and exciting community to be a part of and I know that with their support I will defeat diabetes, I will get off all insulin and medications, and I will move forward in my health journey. Since I have come home, I have seen my blood sugar levels steadily decreasing into a very healthy range and I am excited to see my body being restored to its rightful order.

What is this Fit.Church Thing?

Fit.Church is a community of believers focused on becoming healthy together. The Fit.Church Beta Program comes with weekday email devotions, meal plans, recipes, workouts and weekly check in text messages directly from me or my dad, BUT the most exciting aspect is that each participant’s feedback is taken into consideration as we further develop the program. That means that by joining Fit.Church now, you are helping to shape the support that it offers for everyone that comes after you. Your feedback, suggestions, wants and desires are the driving force for every addition we make to the program.

We would love for you join today, free for 30 days. Click here to sign up for Fit.Church. Join the community that will support your healthy lifestyle.

Thank you for believing in me, and I hope you will let my dad and I support you moving forward as well!