8 Pound Gain at my Grandpa’s Memorial

I gained 8 pounds this weekend.

My extended family and I gathered in Tucson to say goodbye to my Grandpa Chuck, who passed away and needed to be laid to rest. The ceremony was heartfelt and the memories fond but the toll of the weekend was high.

My emotions were high as the reality and grief of losing my Grandpa hit me.

So, I ate.

And ate.

And while I made some good choices a few times, I made some “possibly regrettable” choices many times as well. (Chimichanga with a traditional MExican Mole sauce at the oldest Mexican Restaurant still running in the US anyone?!)

All of this led me to get on the scale at home and realize I had gained 8 lbs in 4 days.

Heart Breaking. I mean, I have put in so much work the last 6 months to hit the 55 pound loss mark, and now to dip back up. Its honestly heart wrenching!

Now, before we get into all of this “what was the weight” and how “it will flush out” or “drink water”  or anything else, that’s not what this post is about.

The truth of all of this is, what happened, has happened. I can’t change my old choices, but ultimately I just have two choices.

Beat myself up or Keep going forward.

Thats it. All I can do. While I can plan better next time, and I can fight for better choices and create better moments of accountability, that is all in the future. Right now, in this moment, I can be upset at the scale or I can make the commitment to get back into the lifestyle I want.

I am sharing this with you all, because I know that we all have these moments, and you have the same choice too. Will you be graceful with your journey or with you be tough and judgemental?

I want to challenge you to be Graceful and Merciful. Pick up where you are today, and stick to the basics of your plan. Remember always that YOU are NEVER defined by the number on the scale, it is simply one of MANY measures we use for our personal health and our goal isnt a certain number, it’s our optimal health.


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