5 Tips for People on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day ideas for anyone who wants them!

Hint: Chocolate binges and pity parties are not on the list!

We have all been tempted to focus Valentine’s Day as a negative depending on who we are and where we are in life. Divorced, separated, single, lonely, upset: Everyone has a choice on Feb-14. Will you make it a positive day or a negative day? Will you see sunlight or keep the blinds closed?

As tempting as a day of wailing Adele in my bedroom sounds, I think I deserve (and I would bet you deserve this too,) a day focused on love. Self love and friend love both deserve to be highlighted, and I think I found some good ways to see that done!

Make Valentines for all your friends:

Couples aren’t the only people who should express themselves on Feb.14! Tell your friends you value them by getting them a card, writing them a note, or spending some time on them. They are worth it, right?


A day all about love is a great reason to show yourself major self-love! Pamper yourself! If that’s by binge watching the latest season of Shark Tank, then do it! Maybe you are in the state of mind for a manicure and massage? Ultimately, the day can be about you and what you want!

Binge watch something:

This goes along with the “Self-Valentine idea”. Whether it’s just you or a house full of non-couples, pick a series you have been eyeing and dive in. For me, I have been watching some classic animated shows from my childhood, but maybe you could dive into “Longmire,” “Bones,” or even a friend of mine’s favorite show, “Criminal Minds” which are all on Netflix right now! Looking for something funny to watch? Checkout the classics, Friends, Cheers, or Frasier! Again, all of those are on Netflix right now!

Spend time with others:

If being at home equates with you moping, then make plans to spend time with your family or friends doing something you enjoy. Get the clan together for a big game night at someone’s house, host a poker night, go out for gluten free pizza, or just take a walk around the local lake. Spend time with the people you love, because ultimately, that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about!

Fall in love with something NEW:

Have you been eyeing a new workout like yoga? Have you been reading about a new spin class or bike trail? Maybe you have been looking into learning an instrument or a new video editing app for your vine account! Whatever interests you may have, why not take Valentine’s Day and spend it on yourself by learning something you love? This is called self love, and we should do it more often!

Comment below with your suggestion or plans for Valentine’s Day!

PS- Stop the torture

Crying your way through a romantic comedy and tissues, singing along with an Adele album, or making your best friend relive the mistakes you made with your ex… You deserve more than a pity party, so don’t throw one. Make this Valentine’s Day one that you enjoyed, not because of the perfect “soul mate”, but because you decided you are worth having a good time!