Meet Pastor Ken

Ken defines himself as many things: husband, father, son, brother, a follower of Christ, a Pastor, and a friend.

He is a man of many talents and interests such as fishing, baseball, and reading; most recently he was one of the contestants on The Biggest Loser Season 11, and feels that he has fought for and won back his life.

Ken graduated from high school in his hometown of Page, Arizona, then went to Bethany University in Santa Cruz, California. In 1984, while attending Bethany, Ken met and married his wonderful wife Lori. After graduating in 1985 Ken began his career in ministry – working in three different churches as a Youth and Associate Pastor. He is a graduate of Fuller Seminary and has been a licensed/ordained minister since 1985. Ken and his wife Lori have three children: Austin, Adam, and Abby.


When chosen to participate on The Biggest Loser, Ken began the adventure of a lifetime. What began as an expression of love and support for his son Austin quickly became a very personal inner-journey to wholeness. In week 3 Ken began to realize the core issues that had brought him to over 400 pounds were buried deep in his life, and that his problem was bigger and deeper than his obesity.

Having very little recollection of his childhood prior to age 7, Ken found himself remembering both good and tragic events from his childhood. As he worked through those difficult memories he experienced a deep sense of healing through his faith in God, the love of the other contestants, and especially the support of the trainers, casting, and production staff. Ken realized that he will always need to work hard in order to maintain a healthy weight, but the Biggest Loser experience has given him the tools he needs to succeed.

By the time of The Biggest Loser Finale in May of 2011 Ken weighed 219 pounds, having dropped 158 pounds on the show. As much as he transformed physically, an even bigger transformation occurred inside him.


In February of 2012 Ken resigned from his position as pastor of Pasadena Christian Center to launch RetroFit Ministries™ with his son Austin.

Having served his church in Pasadena since 1993, this move was not an easy one. However, one of the things Ken learned on the show was that part of living is taking a leap of faith. Both Ken and Austin are excited to move forward and bring a message of hope and transformation to all of America, especially the Christian church.