Our Beginnings

In September of 2010 when Pastor Ken Andrews and his son Austin were chosen to participate in Season 11 of The Biggest Loser, neither of them realized just how much of a life change they would experience.

Audiences tuned in each week to see their physical transformation, but it was Ken and Austin’s emotional and spiritual metamorphosis that would have a deeper impact on their lives.

After returning home, Pastor Ken found that many people in his congregation had questions about his experience and the lessons he had learned while on the show. When he began receiving emails asking for help, teaching materials, and spiritual guidance in the area of physical fitness, Pastor Ken felt compelled to begin a class in his church he called Wholly Fit. As Pastor Ken began preparing the course, he realized that it wasn’t only his congregation that needed this guidance but the church at large. It is from this class that RetroFit Ministries™ developed.

We seek to demonstrate that spiritual, physical, and emotional health comes from the transformative power of Christ.

We believe that you are more spiritual when you are healthy in every aspect of your life. While we do realize there are individuals who face illnesses and challenges that cannot be overcome, with God’s help we can inspire them to be as healthy as possible.

Our concern rests upon the people, like ourselves prior to The Biggest Loser, who are living a diminished life because of unhealthy habits and beliefs. It is to these individuals that we bring a message of hope and freedom.

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