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Retrofit Ministries, Restoring Spirit, Mind, and Body.

We exist to encourage people to step away from obesity and unhealthy living, equip people with the tools necessary to achieve their health goals, and empower them to live life to the fullest.

Through Speaking, Challenges, and Retreats, RetroFit Ministries is aiding any individual who has a desire to change. The use of accountability and transparency creates an exciting journey toward health that we wake up ready for each day.

The Ministries Blog

  • Oct

    Shhh… Don’t tell anybody! It’s not a fad diet, nor a miracle pill, powder, or potion.  It’s not a spa treatment or medical procedure. It’s not even in most people’s top 5 lists to become healthy and lose weight. What is it you ask?? What’s the secret I am talking […]

  • Oct
    Breaking Through 20 Miles: Lessons from Marathon Training

    No doubts here! Twenty miles didn’t seem so bad the second time around.  The first time I ran that far, I was in doubt whether I could do it or not. This time, I knew I could do it just like I did a few weeks before. I anticipated a […]

  • Oct

    The Truth about Excess Skin If you have never been extremely overweight and  lost a lot of weight, you probably have no idea about how uncomfortable excess skin is. Sure, I have done the easy part of eating right, living right, working out hard, & serving God. I know He […]

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