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Retrofit Ministries, where faith and fitness unite.

We believe that God is concerned about every area of life; physical, emotional and spiritual. Our desire is to help people become healthy through positive lifestyle change so that they can better reflect the love of God in all they do.

The Ministries Blog

  • Aug
    Prepare Yourself : Lessons from Marathon Training

    Definition of a Journey I am amazed at the parallels I see in my running journey when compared to my weight loss journey.  A journey is the act or instance of traveling from one place to another according to Webster’s definition. To me, the definition makes it seem simple and […]

  • Aug
    Julie’s Journey to the Indianapolis Marathon

    It’s getting real. When I was challenged to do my first full marathon this year, I had no idea all the things that would go through my head while out on my training runs. Most of my thoughts actually revert back to when I was living an unhealthy lifestyle. I […]

  • Jul
    A Mustard Seed Beginning

    Recently I was out for one of my first marathon training runs. When I run, I like to think about things, pray, and let my mind wander sometimes. On this particular run, I was about 2 miles in and thinking about my journey. I was thinking about how far I […]

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